Sports have been around for so long that people seem to connect them with everyday life. But there was a reason for them getting popular and at the level that they are today, and this article will delve into the topic more so than ever before.

The first, is television. When television came around, people didn’t have to go to the games anymore, nor did they have to listen to the radio. Instead, they were able to watch it right from the comfort of their home. They don’t have to go out, and soon everyone was watching them.

Then there was the factor of variety. Back in the day, there were a few sports that were popular, most of them coming from England. But, when American football took off, it soon became popular, since it was similar to rugby but now as brutal. It then became standardized, and people started to see it as a popular outlet. From there, other sports started to come about, such as basketball and baseball, and other countries soon got involved in this too, such as in the Olympics. The push of television along with the increased variety are the reason why many sports fans are prevalent today.

Finally, there is the factor of college teams. College teams allowed younger players to participate, and that is also a source of many fans. These three factors have culminated into the sports fans that are around today, and it will only grow more so with time.